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Amber Rust founder Bonieri


I fell in love with all things Italian whilst living and working in Turin.  I worked at the automotive giant FIAT, where the Cremini chocolate was 'invented', drank too many espressos and ate a lot of chocolate. 

Italy is well known for its gastronomic delights, from pasta to olive oil, ice cream to pizza.  What is not so well known is the tremendous heritage that Turin brings to the world of chocolate.  I hope that Bonieri can change that. 

Bonieri was founded with the aim of bringing traditional Italian chocolates from the Piedmont region to the UK, together with the stories that inevitably accompany them.

Turin’s first chocolate maker was granted a licence to produce chocolate  back in 1678.  Masked characters threw gianduiotti into the crowds during carnival in the 1800s. A competition launched by FIAT in early 1900s produced the Cremini. 

The Bonieri product range has been carefully chosen for its heritage, tradition and of course, delicious taste.  I wanted original recipes for authenticity combined and made with true Italian passion and style.  From the richest smoothest gianduiotti, to the crumbliest nougat , the colourful foils on Bonieri chocolates say unwrap, share and enjoy…

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