How should I store my Italian chocolate?

Chocolates should be stored in a cool, dark place at a temperature between 12-16 degrees centigrade.  By avoiding extremes of temperature and also constant changing of temperatures, the chocolate should stay in good condition.  Not necessarily in the fridge, although some people enjoy the crunch of very hard cold solid chocolate. 

Never store chocolate alongside strong-smelling foodstuffs. Chocolate absorbs odors very easily and this could affect the sublime taste of your favourite treat.

The best temperature to consume chocolate is at 18°C to 21°C. At this temperature, chocolate is ready to fully release all of its flavours and aromas in your mouth. So always give chocolate the time to acclimatize from its storing temperature to room temperature.  

Quality cocoa, dark and milk chocolate have a long shelf life by nature. The cocoa flavanols, the antixoidants naturally present in the cocoa bean,  help to protect dark and milk chocolate from oxidation for long periods. They are natural preservatives.


Do your products contain gluten?

All of our gianduja speciality products are gluten free.  These include the gianduiotti, cremini, delice and gemme.  Other allergy advice can be found on each product page.


What is the white bloom on my chocolates?

The white chalky covering that you can sometimes find on chocolate is called fat bloom.  Don't worry it's nothing sinister and should not keep you from eating the chocolate.

Fat bloom can occur when chocolates get too hot.  Liquid fats (ie hazelnut oil) can separate from the other ingredients. In migrating outwards towards the chocolate surface, it can carry cocoa butter with it which crystallises on the surface (causing fat bloom).  To avoid fat bloom, store your chocolates in a cool, dark place. 


What is gianduja?

Gianduja is a blend of finely milled Piedmont hazelnuts with cocoa and sugar.  You can read all about gianduja, the history and methodology here.


What's the difference between praline and gianduja?

Praline is traditionally a blend of crushed or milled nuts, often almonds, with cocoa to produce a chocolate nutty paste.  Gianduja was traditionally made with only hazelnuts.  Now 'gianduja' products can extend into other nut pralines.  Pralines can be smooth or with crunchy pieces.  Gianduja are usually very smooth.


When will I get my delivery?

We send all our products via courier with next day delivery.  Please allow up to 24 hours for order processing. For full information on delivery times and prices see our Delivery Information page.




Do you have any other specific queries about our products?  Please email and we will try and help you.

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