Chocolate Gifts for Mum's with Dietary Requirements

Posted on April 12 2018

Mothers Day Gift GuideMothers Day is a big deal - a day when mothers are celebrated and showered with gifts. Celebrated around the world, it falls on different dates depending on the region you live in. 

In the UK the date is linked to Easter. Mother’s Day falls on the fourth Sunday during the period of Lent. This year that was Sunday 11th March. Next year it will be Sunday 31 March.

In America, Mothers Day is a national holiday and is considered the next big day after Christmas and Valentines.  It is always the second Sunday in May. This year that is Sunday 13 May. In Arab countries, Mothers Day heralds the start of spring.  In fact all over the world, ‘Mothering Sunday’ is celebrated in some form or other. 

Traditionally people find time to see their mum or at the very least talk on the telephone. Flowers and chocolates are traditional gifts – and ideal as you can buy online for delivery straight to her door.

All mum’s like to be pampered and spoilt – but what to get for the mum on a restricted diet or specific needs?

Chocolate is a staple gift for Mother’s Day, and with good reason, considering it is one of the most popular treats in the world. 

The UK are very much a nation of chocolate lovers, with an estimated 660,900 tonnes of chocolate being consumed every year. However, traditional chocolate gifts are often off-limits for people with dietary requirements, which means holidays and celebrations where chocolate gifts are the norm can be dull, limited in choice or even difficult to navigate. 

This need not be the case, as Bonieri offer a selection of Italian chocolate delicacies, all beautifully packaged and ready to be gifted, with recipes appropriate for those with diets outside of the norm. Here are our gift suggestions for mums with specific dietary requirements: 


For the mum who is lactose intolerant

Our Bella Box Cremini is perfect for those who can’t eat dairy. Still a decadent and creamy recipe, the triple-layered chocolates are comprised of Piedmont hazelnuts, cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar. A mouth-watering treat for any chocolate lover.

Bella Box Cremini, £17.95


For the mum who is diabetic

Sugar free treats don’t have to be dull. Bonieri’s Diva Box comes in a sugar free option, containing melt-in-the-mouth hazelnut pralines with a velvety texture. Created from a traditional recipe originating from Turin in 1860s, these chocolates are about as indulgent as you can get, minus the sugar.

Sugar free Diva Box, £11.95

For the mum who is gluten free

A deluxe selection for the mum who can’t eat gluten, our Bella Box Caffe doubles up as a treat for all chocolate and coffee lovers. Each box contains three different chocolates; the smooth coffee-flavoured Cremini, the rich traditional Gianduioitti and the Gemme, a luxurious treat containing a whole coffee bean. 

Bella Box Caffe, £17.95


For the mum who doesn’t like hazelnuts

Whilst the majority of Bonieri’s gianduja pralines are nut based, this isn’t the end of the world. Our juicy Bella Box Orange is the ideal gift for anyone who isn’t a hazelnut fan. Thick strips of orange covered in 60% cocoa dark chocolate is a perfect alternative. Dairy free and fruity rather than nutty, this should keep your mum happy.

Bella Box Orange £16.95


For the mum who is vegan

 It can be difficult to find a lavish chocolate gift if the recipient eats a plant-based diet. Bonieri’s gianduja pralines however, with minimal ingredients and traditional recipe are in fact vegan friendly. The classic gold gianduiotti is made with just hazelnuts, cocoa, cocoa butter, and sugar. Look no further than our Bella Box Classic offering four flavours of gianduiotti in one delicious box. Indulgent and satisfying, and suitably luxurious. 

Bella Box Classic, £23.95

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