Five Reasons Italians are the Epitome of Style

Posted on May 03 2018

Five Reasons Italians are the Epitome of Style

Whether it’s the high glamour of classic Italian movie stars, or the truly classic wardrobe staples of the average Italian woman, it’s clear that Italy is a country of alluring style and beauty. Italians seem to have a natural ease when it comes to dressing well, and are often considered to be some of the most elegant people in Europe. Here are five reasons why Italians are the epitome of style:


Style is in the details

Italians understand that looking good often comes down to the minutiae. Accessorising is important to many Italians, and can be the way they make an outfit look polished. For men, scarves are common, along with good watches and high-quality leather goods. For women, simple but effective jewellery, such as a string of pearls, help to highlight the truly classic sense of Italian style.


Colour comes naturally

In the Mediterranean climate, colour looks fabulous – a fact that doesn’t escape most Italians. Neither men or women are afraid to wear bright colours, which look fantastic against the beautiful backdrops Italy has to offer. They may have an advantage when it comes to the weather (and they’re more likely to have an enviable tan), but bringing more colour into our wardrobes is certainly a sartorial lesson we could all learn from our Italian friends.


A signature look is key

Italian women often find what works for them style-wise, rather than slavishly following fashion trends. This is a fail-safe way to ensure you always look your best, even if it means you’re not wearing the latest looks of the season. In Italy, women are not afraid to highlight their best features, and are confident in their signature style. That’s always a good look. 


Tailoring to fit

Italian suiting and tailoring is often thought of as the gold standard worldwide, and rightly so. From expensive, bespoke pieces to tailoring more casual clothing to best fit, all Italians know the power of a good tailor and a well-fitting outfit, no matter the occasion. Fine tailoring is an integral part of Italian’s idea of style, and many Italian men would rather have one suit that fits perfectly, rather than an array of poorly fitting ones. 


Investment is important

Italians are known to invest in the clothes they wear – fabrics are important, the more luxurious, the better. Walking down any street in Italy, you’re likely to notice that Italian women have high-quality leather accessories, exquisite suede sandals, beautiful silk scarves, and wear pure cotton or linen summer dresses. The mix of textures is important, as well as the fact that high-quality fabrics last a long time, meaning they get to be classic for much longer. italian style

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