Our Pick of Italian Desserts

Posted on September 19 2015

Delicious, Italian, and food are three words that simply belong together. The love and passion with which Italians create their food is reflected in how delicious it is and for those of us with a sweet tooth Italian desserts are just divine.

There are so many Italian desserts we could not pick a favourite and could not list them all but here are a few of our favourite ways to finish a meal the Italian way.

Panna Cotta

Panna cotta is probably one of the most well-known Italian Desserts and is served at many restaurants both Italian and otherwise around the world. It is on our favourite list as it is very smooth creamy and delicious can be flavoured with most liquors and is often served with a bright fruit coulis or a chocolate sauce. It also hails from the same Piedmont region as we source our hazelnuts.


Literally means "Pick me up". Probably the most identifiable of Italian desserts, and dating from the 1960’s there are many variations of this sponge and cream creation loved by many. Some variations call for coffee, some - different types of liquors, but the most popular or common being coffee flavoured liquors like Tia-Maria combined with lady fingers, mascarpone and cocoa.


Similar in recipe to the French Sabayon and also served in a champagne saucer or cocktail glass the Italian Zabaglione is less well known but equally lovely. It is a light custard recipe infused with a sweet wine and is served chilled.

Genoese Cake

A dry textured cake recipe that forms the basis of much French Patisserie (and the base of Jaffa Cakes!) is actually Italian and named after the city of Genoa. Thought to be more difficult to make that most cake batter recipes it uses the whole egg and requires much more air to create its distinctive texture. It is so popular because the dry texture of the cake works well to absorb liquid flavours and a variety of cream fillings.


Another well-known Italian Cake is the Panettone which has become a welcome addition to many an English Christmas table in recent years. The good news is you don’t have to wait for Christmas to enjoy this fruity cake as mixed with mascarpone or served with after dinner coffee this makes a lovely dessert any time of year.


Thankfully Gelato is now becoming as common as Ice Cream in many Ice-Cream Parlours across the UK and we appreciate the differences, often smoother and less sugary than traditional Ice Cream Gelato has become a firm summer favourite both in Italy and around the world.

Italian Chocolate

We could not have this list without mentioning our absolute favourite way to finish a meal – with a selection of Italian Chocolates. The unique taste and texture of our award winning chocolates makes them a perfect choice as a dessert and one that everyone around the table will love. In its beautiful packaging one of our Luxury Selection boxes can be served at the table with a dessert wine or strong Italian Coffee as a perfect ending to a happy gathering.

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