A Glossary of Chocolate Terms:

Posted on October 30 2015

Here are some words and phrases that are associated with chocolate or the chocolate making process, some you will know and some we are sure will be new to many of us:

Cacao Tree – Many different varieties but all producing the essential Cacao Pods required for chocolate.

Cacao Pod – The large and often colourful fruit of the cacao tree. Depending upon the variety they can be many colours from white through yellows, reds and darker browns.

Cacao Beans – This is the main ingredient from which chocolate is made. The seed of the Cacao pod is often removed from the flesh of the cocoa pod on site amongst the cocoa trees.

Chocolate Maker – A chocolate maker, does just that, makes cocoa beans turn into chocolate.

Chocolatier: - A person, often a chef who has specialised in pastry or chocolate, who takes chocolate and creates truffles or selections of chocolates with fruit, ganache or alcohol fillings.

Barsmith: - A newer and fancy term for someone that makes chocolate as an art-form – this could be a chocolatier or an artist using chocolate as a medium.

Single Origin Chocolate: - This means chocolate made from beans grown in only one country and not blended with beans from other countries.

Single Estate: – This includes chocolate made from a single farm or plantation and not mixed or blended with any other beans.

Tasting Notes: - Like wine, fine chocolate can have deep, intense flavours. Sometimes tasting notes can be included on the packaging as a guide.

Grand Crus: - This is the term used to describe the cream of the Cacao Crop from any one estate.

The 'Snap': – A term used to describe how well the chocolate has been made. A crisp ‘Snap’ is preferred to a dull bend to indicate the quality of the chocolate.

Cocoa Butter: – Solid at room temperature this butter is the fat that is released after the main part of the cacao bean has been dried and roasted.

Cocoa Nibs: – With a lovely flavour but sometimes an acquired taste as they are more acidic than traditional chocolate. This is what remains at of the cocoa bean when it has been processed.

Lecithin: - A fat like substance sometimes used in chocolate production as it helps with the viscosity and stabilised the fat content within chocolate. Not all chocolate is created with Lecithin and there are EU laws advising on how much can be included.

Fermentation Process: - This is a part of processing the cacao beans to make the chocolate. The beans are placed and stored to ferment, the length of time the beans are left fermenting depends on the type of beans used and also the flavour required.

Roasting: - After the cocoa beans have been fermented they are roasted. Again the length of roasting and temperature used depends on the type of bean used and the depth of roasted flavour required.

From bean to box, there are many processes to chocolate creation. That is why we are always so proud of the chocolates in our luxury Italian Chocolate Selection Boxes, they are the best chocolate make by the most creative Italian Chocolatiers available anywhere.


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