Italian Inspiration for a great Summer

Posted on September 14 2015

With summer now in full swing, many of us will be looking forward to picnics in the park, a day at the beach, or a sunny afternoon in your garden! As we love all things Italian, here are 10 great ideas to include the style, romance and flavour of Italy into your days this summer:





1. Choose Gelato over Ice-Cream
Everyone loves a ice cool treat in the summer, and our first suggestion for bringing a little Italian sunshine into your summer is to switch your Ice Cream for Italian Gelato. Made from a similar custard base to ice-cream but with a higher proportion of milk and churned at a slower rate which incorporates less air for a denser product. With a silkier, softer texture and traditionally served a little warmer than Ice-cream, and with less fat the flavours really shine through.

2. Try an Italian Afternoon Tea
Afternoon tea is thought of a quintessentially British and it is growing in popularity across the UK and indeed the world with many interpretations and twists on the traditional tea. If you are in London this summer then try the La Dolce Vita afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Park Lane which includes Italian delights like bruschetta, focaccia, Parma ham and baby panatone.

3. Create an Italian Vibe at Garden Parties
Hosting a garden party or summer BBQ is on many peoples summer calendar and by Italian prosecco adding a little Italian to your styling and menu, serving prosecco instead of Pims, or a plate of Italian breads with delicious oils can add a real elegant and unusual twist to your event.

4. Switch to Italian Coffee
Coffee is now a normal everyday activity for many of us in the UK, from the first coffee in the morning to having a coffee date with friends. This summer try and ensure the coffee you buy to have at home or the coffee shop you visit is Italian or has a great Italian selection. There are some great Italian chain coffee shops on most high streets, and many Italian family owned coffee shops – we particularly love the ones that also serve gelato!

5. Visit Italy
This is the ultimate in Italian Indulgence, visiting any part of Italy or discovering this amazing country on a grand tour this summer is an experience you will not forget – we hope you get the chance to visit Turin to discover Italian chocolate heaven.

6. Rediscover your local Italian Restaurant
There are so many great local Italian restaurants around the UK, many owned by generations of the same Italian family so they have a great friendly family feel. For a real Italian experience take a look at the chef’s specials to get delicious food made with Italian flair, passion and love.

7. Drive an Italian Super Car
There is not much that oozes Italian style and sex appeal more than an Italian supercar! Sleek in style and made with power and passion in mind, head to a specialist rental in the UK or head to a race track for a driving experience and pick the Italian Superstar cars like Ferrari’s or Maserati’s.

8. Take Italian Lessons
Always described as a passionate romantic language, take a course in basic Italian to increase your appreciation for this beautiful language and help you pronounce Italian names with confidence. Ciao! 

9. Discover Italian Wine
Italy has some of the oldest wine producing regions in the world and with all that experience it is no wonder the wine is also some of the best in the world. Spend your summer choosing a different Italian region for your wine each week or take a specialist Italian wine course to discover regions, grapes and tastes. There really is more than Pinot Grigio...

10. Indulge in Italian Chocolates
We have saved the best for last! Italian chocolates are simply the best chocolates that you can try. Creamy, delicious, individual and artisan crafted they are a perfect ending to a meal, a great gift or a simple indulgence for you. Bonieri’s Luxury Italian chocolates from Turin are available online and in selected stores across the UK – Enjoy!

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