Top 5 Festivals in Piedmont, Italy

Posted on June 02 2016

Based at the foot of the Alps, Piedmont is a truly picturesque region of Italy. The capital, Turin, features some of the most exquisite Baroque architecture in Europe and is host to a myriad of archaeological and anthropological wonders from across the ages. Known for its exquisite cuisine and wine, it truly is a piece of Heaven.

There are a number of festivals in the region every year, all of which are simply amazing to attend. Here are the top five festivals in Piedmont, and it is strongly advised that you make time to visit them all.

  • Alba Truffle Show

Bonieri gastro Italian gourmet truffles AlbaFrom the 8th of October to the 27th of November you can attend the glorious Alba Truffle Show. Presenting you with a unique taste experience, this sensational festival celebrates the truffle in the most glorious manner. The whole event centres around some of the most amazing chefs and their scrumptious dishes. You have the chance to meet them, taste their food, and even watch exhilarating cooking show hosted by some of the finest chefs. Included in the festival is a wine tasting session, as well as the opportunity to sample and learn about some of the fantastic aromas that come from truffles. 



  • Douja d’Or National Wine Show 

Held on every second or third week of September, the wine show is one of Italy’s finest and most prestigious wine fairs. Over ten days you can sample some of the most delicious wines that Italy has to offer, and even purchase some to take home with you. At times, food and wine comes together as chefs prepare famous dishes and serve them with the most complimentary wine. A festival for foodies and connoisseurs alike, it’s certainly one you won’t want to miss. 


  • Slow Food Cheese Festival 

In the third weekend of September (Bi-annually), the town of Bra - just south of Turin -Bonieri gourmet cheese Bra Turin
holds a festival dedicated to one of the finest foods on the Earth – cheese. There are a wide range of exciting events held during this festival, from exceptional taste workshops to talks about the creation process behind cheese. It is a festival that embraces this delicious food, but also admires and pays homage to the men and women who rear the animals whose milk is used to make it. There are several talks and conferences held during the festival talking about cheese and educating people about the process. While you’re visiting be sure to visit some of the chefs for some truly extraordinary pizzas and cheese-related dishes. 


  • Monfortin Jazz Festival 

This year the legendary Monfortin Jazz festival turns forty. Held every year, the festival is host of some of the most fantastic Jazz musicians in the world and a large number of people turn up to watch every year. Over the course of a month some great voices will stand on the stage and perform, ranging from Paolo Conte to Ute Lemper. On top of the great music, there is also a selection of delicious foods that you can try as well. A definite must for fans of Jazz. 


  • Turin Chocolate Festival - CioccolaTO 

Bonieri chocolate Turin CioccolatoOne for the chocolate lovers, the Turin chocolate festival is held for those who absolutely adore chocolate. A wide selection of chocolates made by the skilled chocolatiers of Piedmont are available to taste and purchase. Many of them still use traditional methods and only the finest quality ingredients. It is certainly not a festival you want to miss, especially if you want to sample some of the finest chocolate possible. 

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